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While the technology on board our products is the most advanced available, we recognize that this alone does not guarantee a great product.

The design team at acdc are committed to developing products which are in their own right outstanding and as such we develop fittings around the LED source itself rather than incorporating LEDs into existing fittings or designs.

This fresh approach drives us to think innovatively and constantly push the boundaries in terms of product design; the result of which is a portfolio of outstanding LED products which are more efficient and more aesthetically appealing than any previously conceived.

The lit effect

acdc recognize that the LED source and the lit effect of that source is the start of any new design. Indeed the lit effect and illumination of a given subject is our primary focus and we go to great lengths to make sure this remains at the heart of our entire product design process.

Outstanding products that don’t need to stand out

Aesthetically, acdc product designs are often more compact and considered than many other LED luminaire manufacturers.  We consult with top lighting design practices across the globe as part of our new product development process to identify innovative designs and develop smaller, sleeker and more efficient luminaires.  This enables acdc products to blend seamlessly into their surroundings rather than attract unnecessary or undesired attention. This ensures that the primary focus, again, is the lit effect our fittings produce.

Function & flexibility

The functional performance of our luminaires also remains a key concern in acdc’s design philosophy. It is essential we consider a luminaires’ application and incorporate appropriate levels of flexibility and adjustability for the actual use of the product. We also consider the environment in which it will be installed for two further reasons:

  • Firstly, to ensure that the design of the luminaire will meet the thermal demands of the LED light source and perform perfectly on every project. For this we create custom heat sink solutions for all acdc luminaires to dissipate heat away from the light source and deliver 50,000 hours to 70% lumen maintenance as standard across our entire LED product range.
  • Secondly to ensure that the installation process of acdc luminaires themselves is simple and hassle free, reducing onsite installation time as far as possible.

Ultimately, acdc truly challenge what has gone before, developing innovative LED product solutions of the future.

To view our portfolio of  LED lighting products, simply click here.

CAD design

The Solidworks CAD package enables acdc to not only design project solutions, but to also produce 3D images, 3D videos and photographic quality color renderings. These become particularly important tools for you and will enable you to demonstrate the design or concept to your client. They can also save on design time and costs, often reducing the requirement for prototypes.

Final prototyping & site demonstrations

Final site mock ups can be developed if required, although these can often be expensive if the quantity required is small and the tooling or setup time significant. They can however be particularly useful if the concept is very specific or complex and the time and money spent on final prototyping can have a significant impact on delivering a project in line with the design intent.

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