Intu Victoria Centre – UK

Client: Crown House Technologies
Lighting Design: Hoare Lea Lighting
acdc product: Orelle


For local people and visitors to Nottingham city the intu Victoria Centre offers top brands and great restaurants. The chosen destination for 24 million shopping visits a year, the center has recently undergone a £42 million transformation to create a stylish, contemporary retail space that attracts top brand retailers as well as thousands of visitors.

The center’s refurbishment included a full upgrade of the center and its finishes, including structural changes such as removing staircases and walkways to open up visibility, reconfiguration of space to create enhanced shop frontages, new ceilings, remodelled bulkheads, new flooring materials, upgraded customer toilet facilities and new lighting.

Project brief

New linear lighting was integral to the center’s refurbishment, creating a modern, bright and dynamic visual impression. To ensure a quality look and feel, achieving a constant lit effect and color/visual consistency was essential.

With the shopping center open for long hours every day of the week, a fast turnaround with flexible out of hours installation was essential for avoiding disruption and keeping the center operational. Long-term reliability and ease of maintenance were also important considerations, given the center’s daily opening.

Commenting on the design, Hoare Lea Senior Lighting Designer Chris Fox said: “Our approach was ‘lighting through layers’ – combining direct and indirect sources to build a visual scene with various options. With its precision engineering and 2 step MacAdam binning, we identified acdc’s Orelle as integral to this.”

acdc’s solution

Approximately 3,000 metres of acdc’s Orelle 24V indirect linear luminaire has been installed in the coffered ceilings throughout the centre. Orelle is compact and puts lines of light to the ceilings for architectural effect. Providing a fresh 4000K white ambient light, it also provides an even, continuous and powerful light output with excellent colour rendering and a low profile.

Orelle is available in five lengths from 6in (160mm) to 71in (1810mm) and can follow shapes and curves thanks to flexible connectors. Minimized LED spacing creates a smooth and even lit effect while all LEDs are within a 2 step MacAdam ellipse to ensure color constancy. Plug and socket interconnection ensured rapid installation.

Chris Fox, Senior Lighting Designer at Hoare Lea, said: “Aside from being able to offer the right lighting solution for this project, one of the reasons we choose acdc was because we were confident in their ability to manage a large order.\”

“The lighting has met all our expectations and has played an integral role in transforming the intu Victoria Centre.”


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