Osijek Bridge – Croatia

Client: Coca-Cola Croatia
Lighting design: Zumtobel Group
acdc products: FUSION

Osijek pedestrian bridge spans the Drava River and is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks. Opened in 1981, the bridge was completely renovated in 2007. In 2017 the bridge underwent a spectacular transformation with dynamic full color lighting from acdc.

The lighting project was funded by a Coca-Cola marketing campaign, which required citizens to collect more than 100,000 bottle caps. Coca-Cola launched the campaign to mark 50 years of production in Croatia, and to share its success as an active member of the local community by supporting projects that enhance the lives of citizens.

Project brief

Compared to other iconic bridges around the world, Osijek pedestrian bridge was quite literally, left in the dark. Dynamic, full color lighting was required to highlight the bridge’s beauty and reinforce its iconic status, as well as enhancing the city’s recognizability and attracting tourists. It was important for the lighting to become integral to life in Osijek, and to be the backdrop for many memories and important life moments.

 acdc’s solution

acdc was instructed to supply the lighting for the bridge after parent company, Zumtobel Group, was invited to design, supply, install and commission a new lighting solution. The contract was won based on Zumtobel Group’s existing relationship with both Coca Cola and the city of Croatia.

acdc Lighting Applications Director, Dan Hodgson, explains: “Our FUSION LED luminaire was ideal for this project.” With the bridge standing at 35 meters, acdc’s powerful range of FUSION floodlights was perfect for grazing down the pillars that dominate the skyline at either end of the bridge.

FUSION  is an intelligent, highly efficient, IP66 architectural floodlight, which delivers 2000lm in single color, color change or dynamic white. Despite its small size, FUSION offers a high output as well as focused light with minimal light pollution. Strong color saturation ensures a vivid color display while, as with all acdc luminaires, 2-step MacAdam ellipse guarantees color consistency.”

To accommodate the bespoke lighting requirements of all events and special occasions, the new lighting offers a multitude of scenes and infinite colors.

Zumtobel Vice President for Benelux and Eastern Europe, Saša Pajdic commented: “We were delighted to accept Coca Cola’s invitation to partner with this exciting lighting campaign and recognize the importance of the pedestrian bridge for the City of Osijek. It is an extraordinary honor to illuminate the bridge, which will now attract even more tourists and have an even greater iconic appeal. Not only as a partner but also as a citizen of Osijek, I feel extremely proud and privileged to be part of such an important and transformational project.”

The installation of the new lighting had a tight time frame of just one week. More than 20,000 people attended the ceremony to celebrate the switch on of the lights, which were set to red to reflect the Coca Cola brand.



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